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Re: Does it make me a bad person, if I agree with Brannon Braga?

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Seven was a great concept for a character, but she was sabotaged with the idiotic catsuit. That undermined any credibility she might have had as a real character and just made her an object and a smutty joke.

The right way to do a character like that is to envision her being a male character. The core of the character shouldn't be sexual, since that's not the core of the Borg.
The core of 7 was NOT sexual. Just because she was in a catsuit doesn't make HER a sexual person. I think that is made pretty clear right from the beginning. They may have planned out a sexy addition to VOY to sex it up but what they got was a highly developed intellectual character who fulfilled the Spock role. Any sexy qualities she had as a person were also kin to the Spock role (the struggle with humanity and emotions, who can open this person up etc..)

The character was far bigger than what she was presented as being initially thanks to great writing and great acting. They wanted sexy but what they got was one of the most developed characters in Star Trek and one that epitomized some of the deepest Trek themes.

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