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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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Hi everyone,

I am new here, but I do have an Refit Mark 1 Constitution Class Enterprise I wanna share with everyone, and here it is:

I started designing this in 2004, cause I wanted to see what the refit Enterprise would look like with a more original configuration feel to it.

Since I myself couldn't design or render it using software, or by drawing it; I asked a friend in 2009 if he could do it for me.

The main body, including the pylons; is taken from the refit configuration, while the bridge module is given a more mark 1 look to it, and the navigational deflector is taken from the 2009 Movie's Enterprise; yet the nacelles themselves are a modified version of the Mark 1's nacelles, so they would work with the new design.

As for the bridge's interior (not shown) I decided to use the helm and navigation console from the Star Trek 5 version of the refit Enterprise, as well as the railing, and as for the captain's chair; that was taken from the 09 Enterprise, as was the starchart hud, station consoles and the railing's color scheme.

Now, as for uniforms, I decided to use the ones from the 09 movie, but make the deltas and rank striping gold in color, while the phasers are taken from the Star Trek II-Star Trek VI movies, as were the tricorders.

This is what I mean:
Lovely Ship design
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