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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The fight was actually the one thing in S3 that made sense to me as a fanboy.
I agree - with the addition of the Lana scenes. I thought that Reeve and O'toole played off each other very well.
Yeah...but "the Big Apricot?" Really? That's the kind of cheesy humor that a superhero movie would be savaged for throughout the Intarnets now.
I must disagree. That kind of stuff is good-natured fun.

And on a related note: The super-hero movie humor that actually does offend me is stuff like Wolverine's "yellow spandex" crack in X-Men I. It was a dig at the comics, and symptomatic of the self-loathing that many comicbook movie screenwriters have for their source material. I cannot stress this enough: If you are ashamed of the conventions of the genre, then pick another genre! Superheroes wear tights. They are noble. They save lives and right wrongs. Why do the movies run away from that innocent sense of fun? Why must these films always be angsty, smutty, PG-13 crap?
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