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Re: Fringe 4x01 - "Neither Here Nor There" (Discussion, Spoilers)

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At the risk of sounding like an old-fashioned broken record, I'm really having a hard time accepting this re-written timeline as it's being presented if it's the result of Peter never being.

These people shouldn't even be together in the same room if Peter 2.0 never existed. Walter should be in a padded room (with his brain intact), Asteroid should be an agent somewhere else, and Dunham should still be banging Agent Scott.

And Jean should be on a dairy-farm in Wisconsin.
I suppose maybe it's one of those deals where time finds a way to maintain events.

Carl Sagan's theory about history being like a woven tapestry, and if you pulled out one thread or even two, the basic appearance remained the same? I'll buy that, but the thing is, the writers of this show have really pushed the Butterfly Effect notion with events being set into motion by one act - Walter crossing over and taking 2.0 from the other side.

So without that, I just don't see how the two universes interacted. I accept that Walter and Belly still looked into the alt-verse, but there would've no motive to cross over.

I'm just sayin'.
Wait a second, my take on the episode was this:

Walter at some point says, "Some even die twice." And Olivia or Astrid says to Walter (at another point) re:Walternate that he has good reason to hate Walter.

So until the Watcher uses his Radio Shack device to erase Peter from time*, both Peters did exist, and Walter did cross over to steal Alt-Peter (the one we've seen for the last three seasons), but fails to save him. So you still have the foundation intact for why the Walters distrust each other and all that, you just don't have Peter involved in anything past the kidnapping. At least that's my interpretation.

*And when that device is used, it probably won't even change that, but just delete the echoes of Peter from the current timestream. Which is also just a guess.
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