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Re: Smallville - 11X01 - Discussion and Review!

Sorry, I guess I forgot the post the synopsis:

The CW's hit returns for its historic 11th season. As Clark moves another step closer to his destiny, a new foe awakens in Metropolis. As Clark prepares to face his ultimate challenge, help comes from a surprising source. Meanwhile, despite what they've been through together, Lois questions whether or not she can truly be with Clark, who she sees as a god.
This season's cast includes: Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen (probably), Brian J. Smith as Bibbo Bibbowski, and Chris Lowell as Rudy Jones.

Re-occuring returning cast includes Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Justin Hartley as Green Arrow, Callun Blue as a standby whenever they need an extra character.

New re-occuring cast includes Brandon Routh as Mon-El, Hayden Panettiere as Cat Grant (taking over from Keri Lynn Pratt), Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman (picking up her role from the aborted series) and Robert Patterson as the reincarnated Carter Hall. It is unknown how many episodes there characters will be in this season or when they will appear. It is also unknown if Michael McKean will return as Perry White. So far, nothing has been said.

The producers have promised a lot of surprises this season. Rumors, of course, include the highly anticipated return appearance by Lana. That could be interesting. Also, more Batman rumors abound. Even Christian Bale, who previously was adamant that he wouldn't do any sort of superhero crossover played coy with a big, stupid grin when asked about the rumors of him doing a cameo on Smallville, saying, "I told you I wouldn't be in any crossover film. I don't remember saying about thing about TV."

I am excited by all of this. Could be the best season yet!

timothy wrote: View Post
So is this for real or what? and if it is for real when will it air?
It was on tonight. Did you miss it? It was pretty awesome.

Captain Mike wrote: View Post
For people that HATED the show and despised how it was written...You sure miss it...
I don't know what you are talking about? I loved the show. Sure it has its ups and downs, but I am always entertained by it. Season 11 is something I can dig!

Y u hatin'?
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