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I go with the official line, that the main reactor is in the secondary hull, a.k.a. the engineering hull, which feeds power out to the nacelles, which contain the warp coils and other doohickeys, which generates and regulates the warp field.
Except, of course, that this was never "the official line" for TOS... you are substituting personal opinion and "post-TOS trek" ideas for "TOS ideas," I'm afraid.

It's not "the official line." It's just not. Until TMP, it was pretty much universally accepted that the engines generated the power. A few people might have thought otherwise, but nothing official ever stated anything to that effect, no line in the series ever stated that overtly (only one episode really even HINTING at that) and a number of other references clearly infer otherwise... and that's not considering "original design intent."

It's one thing to say "this is what I think" but it's another, entirely, to say "this is the REAL story, and thus you're all wrong." Your take is your take... and you're welcome to believe it. But it's no more "official" than any other opinion any of the rest of us may hold.
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