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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

We've obviously a difference of opinion on this issue and at this point I am going to agree to disagree. I'll know more about the character and the use of her when I have the comic and can read it.

Right now, from the panel(s) posted above it struck me as the writer(s) "trying to hard" to let the reader know the character was Hispanic. I think that could've been done in a better way than having her inject Spanish into her dialogue like she's a character on an alternate version of Firefly. Knowing and working with people who are Hispanic it's very, very rare for them to just toss in Spanish phrases when talking.

And yeah, I've never heard that last name before either and, again, struck me as "too much" but that's minor issue as well. Again, I'm not greatly familiar with Spanish surnames and that is one I had never heard of before and, again, struck me as going to an extreme to make the character not just Hispanic but very Hispanic. Similar to making every Russian character with a "-ov" after their name, or using of a "Mc" or "O'" before Scottish or Irish names.

It all struck me as laying it all on thick as all, but I'll obviously know more when I read the actual comic.
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