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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Right, but once the situation is understood and accepted, you adapt to it. You wouldn't freak out every waking moment of your existence. If you had the training and the equipment, you could fight back as necessary.

Of course, this also assumes that the stupidity of a zombie invasion were even remotely possible. To make that happen, it would have to have a tremendously long incubation period in which it's all but undetectable or where everyone is infected almost immediately somehow (which is basically what The Walking Dead is I guess), otherwise it would be as easily contained as any other viral outbreak. Which, you know, is why we're not all dead from ebola or any other nasty virus you can think of.

And, again, it's not like you'd be facing a cunning and well-organized opponent with an impressive infrastructure and travel capabilities. You're dealing with brain-dead zombies that shuffle along at ridiculously slow speed (unless dealing with the "new" ones that run at high speed for whatever silly reason) who are easily distracted by loud noises.

Zombie invasions require a lot of Stupid(tm) in order to make them even remotely believable. But if you're going to go about saying that the military is just going to freak out if one did happen and would instantly and forever be ineffective because every single soldier would be flailing their arms and screaming like a little girl 24/7, that's... well, that's covered by the Stupid(tm) brand.
Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
I think the biggest problem would be simple denial. People would believe anything - alien invasion, government conspiracy, mass hallucination, End of Days - before they'd believe that the dead were rising (without any religious angle) and eating the living. For the newly killed people, there would also be denial that they are "really" dead in some irreversible way. Their loved ones would hold out hope that they can be cured - nobody would be around who could definitively tell them otherwise - and would be reluctant to shoot them in the head, even in self-defense.
Sindatur wrote: View Post
One also has to think about how long it would take for the masses to learn what it takes to actually kill them, without media being available. I mean, they're brain-dead, why would it occur to someone (unless they saw it in a zombie movie) that the way to kill them is to blow out their brains? And of, course, a real zombie invasion, wouldn't neccessarily follow the rules of commonly known zombie movie rules.
I just caught the show today. In the last episode when they flashback to the hospital the military had already adapted In MOPP 4 had taking head shots of all zombies put down.

The biggest problem would be ammo supply. Every soldier would run quickly through his basic load and the Rodney King riots teach us that the National Guard doesn't keep that much on hand for a Red Dawn/Battle:LA scenario. And even with one shot one kill you would just get one city block full of zombies and from there its hand to hand with swords being in short supply. Pure physical fatigue against an unexaustable enemy would soon enough see any small army overwhelmed.
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