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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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I think Generations and Nemesis are both very cinematic and at least LOOKED pretty great, despite whatever other problems they may have had.
I think all four are quite cinematic. Some sequences from "Insurrection" are amazing.

I've never seen this "TNG movies feel like overlong episodes" criticism from professional critics, so I suspect it's a Trek fandom meme.
It's like buyer regret. The ST fans could have been snuggled up at home, watching the latest DS9 ep and the latest VOY ep on the telly for free, but they had to venture out to the cinema and pay $$$$ to see the latest TNG. After years between each film, and all the online gossip and poaching of drafts of scripts, two hours of new material on the silver screen was never enough.
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