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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

Saito S, you said
Saito S wrote: View Post
TMP was the only one out of all eleven films that tries to be more than an action movie
I believe the point that TWOK climaxed at a moment of major character development directly contradicts this in the case of TWOK. The fact that TVH has no action directly contradicts it in that case. (How can a movie be a "comedic romp" while "not trying to be anything more than an action movie", anyway?) And so forth.

Regardless of whether you realized or acknowledged the movies had other things going for them, what you said there certainly warrants addressing, which is what I did.

Based on your most recent post, I believe what you are trying to say is that you wish the others had been more like TMP. But that's completely different from what you had said in the first place.
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