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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz-- "Especially the Lies"

Chapter Five (Part Three)

Limis took slow steps down a corridor checking the computer system uplink on her tricorder. From what she could tell, the comm-link to the station’s communication system was still intact allowing her to encode communications within all outgoing and incoming transmissions. Limis then keyed a set of commands to access the communications logs to delete a set of randomly selected bits to create the illusion that partially deleted logs were result of various malfunctions still occurring on the station. “Looking good so far,” she whispered, looking both ways to see the way clear at an adjoining corridor. She turned around to make sure Yanith was still behind her.

She leaned against a wall and tapped her combadge. “Sergeants Bowers and Tannin, do you read? Come in.”

“Bowers here, sir.”

“Tannin here, sir.”

“Are you ready to proceed?” Limis asked while still making sure no one else was around.

“We’re in position,” Bowers replied. “Step one ready to implement.”

“Good. Corporals Ortega and Patal, do you read?”

“Affirmative, Captain,” Paolo Ortega replied. He was crawling through an access tunnel with his Deltan female partner Rata Patal close behind.

“We’re nearly in position, Captain,” Patal added. “Ready to implement step two.”

“I’m en route to locating Grumpy and Sleepy,” Limis said. “Once I signal, I will implement step three. Team leader out.”

Limis then gestured for her son to follow her down the long corridor. Yanith looked all around himself as he followed, not sure what to make of this whole situation. “What’s going on, mom?” he inquired. “How did you know to find me here?”

Limis removed the hatch to an access tunnel while still looking in both directions to make sure no one was following. She extended one arm indicating for Yanith to go first. He did, and afterwards Limis crawled in the tunnel and replaced the hatch. “Let’s just say it was a lucky guess,” she told her son. “And I was able become part of a strike team dispatched here by Starfleet special ops.”

“That explains the uniform,” Yanith retorted. “But I thought you didn’t care for Starfleet.”

“For right now, Starfleet and I have similar goals.”


Moset handed Thalek one of two hyposprays in his hands.

After he had been found safe and sound, Doctor Moset accompanied Thalek back to the section of the infirmary where M’Rev and Amaros. With Limis having escaped once again, Thalek was under even more pressure to apprehend the rest of the strike team. That much was clear when Lemec threatened to personally see to the execution of his family. The gul didn’t seem to care how difficult that task would be when Thalek did not know the exact details of the team’s mission to Sentok Nor.

“My studies of various species have allowed me to develop many different truth serums,” Moset explained. “The one in your hand is tuned to human physiology, and mine is tuned to Tellarite physiology.”

“Back to play with your toys, Moset?” M’Rev taunted. “How many Tellarites died in your experiments to create the perfect truth serum in the glorious service to the Cardassian state?”

“Nice to see you’re awake again,” Moset retorted, administering the hypo. “I would have hated to mix a stimulant with this.”

“Oh, would you?” M’Rev snorted, not buying the usual cliché about not wishing to do harm on others while doing exactly that.

Thalek then administered his hypo to Amaros, who gritted his teeth at the man whose treachery put him in this situation. “Now tell me what you didn’t tell me even when you thought I was on your side,” he demanded of his former partner. “What was the exact plan to destroy this station?”

“Can’t help you,” Manuel lied. “I was just given a set of instructions to carry out in my assigned section.”

“In the habitat ring,” Thalek recalled of Limis’s briefing. “Bowers and Tannin in the central core. Ortega and Patal in the docking ring. And do what?”

Amaros answered with a derisive scoff. Thalek then gave a concerned glance at Moset. “It’s not working,” he said.

Moset rolled his eyes in annoyance at Thalek’s impatience. “Just give it a few minutes,” he insisted.

“What about you, Tellarite?” Thalek said, grabbing M’Rev’s uniform collar. “Anything you want to share?”

“A bomb in the fusion core would have been too obvious,” M’Rev snorted. “We had planned something a lot harder to trace until it was too late.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” Thalek taunted. He walked over to the instrument table, pushing Moset aside in order to load more of the truth serum into his hypospray. He then administered doses to both Amaros and M’Rev. He raised a hand, indicating to Moset that he knew the serum was tuned to one prisoner’s physiology and not the other’s. “How do you plan to destroy this station?” he demanded of the two prisoners.

“I’m no doctor,” he continued, clasping Amaros’s throat, “but I do know that enough this serum will put you in a state of delirium. You’ll lose your sense of reality and let something slip out. Are either of you willing spare yourselves that level of suffering?”

“If you must know,” Amaros slowly breathed.

“Yes?” Thalek said, loosening his grasp.

“I killed Cal Hudson,” Manuel said.

Thalek smiled wickedly. Cal Hudson was one of the top cell leaders in the Maquis. His death was a celebrated victory for the Cardassian Union. Ordinarily, a Cardassian would feel slighted to robbed of such an honor. But it explained a lot about Manuel, Hudson’ right hand man who was known to play the role of a terrorist too well. This newest information gave Thalek a new perspective on the Maquis and its members.
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