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Re: Star Trek: Lambda Paz-- "Especially the Lies"

Chapter Five (Part 1)

Moset was sprawled across the deck, unconscious.

Three Cardassian security guards, led by Thalek, entered the storage bay, pleasantly surprised that they did not have to break any locks or force the door open manually. The two military officers carefully scouted the rest of the room in case Limis was lying in wait to strike while Thalek kneeled down to check Moset’s condition. “Doctor Moset?” he said, placing a hand on the back of the doctor’s shoulder.

Moset stirred for a moment and lifted himself up to his knees. “She used some kind of sedative to knock me out?” he groaned. “I sure hope for her sake and her son’s she’ll still acquiesce to Lemec’s demands,” he added, brushing off his tunic before standing upright.

Thalek looked to both of his deputies-- one of whom checked the room’s other entrance, while the other was inspecting the partially open hatch to the service crawlspace. They both shook their heads indicating they did not see Limis anywhere. Thalek then tapped his wrist communicator. “Gul Lemec,” he said, “this is Thalek. No sign of the intruder.”


Limis was listening in on Thalek’s communiqué, via a listening device she had left on Moset’s person, while leaning against a wall outside science lab four.

Inside the lab, Lemec tapped his wrist communicator to acknowledge. “Spread out your teams,” he instructed. “And redouble your efforts to find the other intruders in the central core and the docking ring. Whatever they are planning, it will probably be executed very soon.”

Lemec cut the transmission and silently considered what his opponent was now planning. She had freed Moset, but would probably force him to kill her son anyway. He walked back to the biobed and pointed his disruptor pistol back on Yanith’s head. “Your mother has still forced me to execute you,” he said coldly.

“I’m here, Lemec,” came a familiar feminine voice. “Don’t hurt him.”

He turned to his left to see Limis entering the lab and throwing down her phaser. She then reached around the back of her waist and threw down her dagger, her neural truncheon, and a pouch full of stun grenades. Lemec pulled his weapon away from Yanith and gestured his two personal guards towards Limis to take any other dangerous devices off of her person. Limis was more than happy to oblige, bending down to remove two devices from each of her boots, and then her earpiece. She then unzipped her uniform jacket and red tunic and removed a scanning device tucked away in her undershirt. A red light flashed from it, but it appeared to power down afterwards.

One of the guards inspected the device with his own scanner, but found nothing threatening about it. He then scanned Limis and was satisfied to find no other weapons or listening devices on her person. She had expected to be strip searched, but the guard walked away and showed the scan results to Lemec, who was in the process of removing Yanith’s restraints. She rolled her eyes, but chose not to complain that such an invasive search would not be conducted in her son’s presence.

“Because Cardassians value family as much as any other sentient race,” Lemec proclaimed while gesturing for Yanith to sit up. “I’ll let you have one last moment together.”

Without thinking to consider Lemec’s words, she ran over to her son and warmly embraced him. Her hands moved up to the back of his head. She stroked his dark blond hair and planted a kiss on his forehead, her eyes brimming with tears.

“You may send him in,” Lemec said quietly after tapping his communicator.

Limis clasped her son’s shoulders, staring into his tearful eyes and hoping this was not a dream.

And from the corner of her eye came a familiar heavyset Cardassian, entering the room from the opposite door. “Hadar,” she said, with her tears of joy becoming a stare of cold hatred towards her nemesis. One of her more extreme interrogation methods resulted in the death of Gul Enic Hadar’s brother a little over a year earlier. Since then, he had sought to avenge his sibling’s death. It seemed a petty reason for a Cardassian to seek vengeance since they did not hesitate to kill civilians themselves, and even assigned civilians to military installations. The chief of security of Sentok Nor was a civilian, after all.

Yanith turned around to face Hadar and gave a similarly contemptuous look at one of his former captors. He had once had the young Bajoran man in his custody in the hope of luring his mother. “I remember you,” he said. “You got some kind of beef with my mother.”

“Your quarrel is with me, Hadar,” Limis insisted to the smugly grinning Cardassian. “Let him go and take me.”

“Take the son back to his quarters,” Lemec instructed to his personal guards. Then to Hadar, he added, “The mother is yours to do with as you please.”

The guards were prepared to comply, holding their disruptors to Yanith, asking him to come with them. He was ready to do so when an explosion emanated from the supposedly harmless device Limis had hidden underneath her uniform. Everyone in the room fell to deck. Limis then used the distraction to grab the pistols of both guards and fired them through the dispersing smoke stunning all four of the Cardassians in the room.

“Come on, son,” she instructed, nudging the still dazed Yanith’s shoulder.

He slowly gathered himself and followed his mother’s lead, as she retrieved her weapons and earpiece. The two of them then headed out of the lab and darted down the corridor.

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