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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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I don't think I've ever seen a review (well, at least not one written by someone familiar with the series, be it the SF press or fans) that doesn't point out it's got virtually the same plot as The Changeling. Isn't "Where Nomad Has Gone Before" one of the derogatory fan nicknames for it? Though TMP does have in its corner to counteract that some really top notch state of the then art effects to add a cinimatic gloss to it that stops it even slightly feeling like an episode of TOS. It's still as dull as dishwater though, so avoiding the small screen feeling doesn't help so much there.

As for more mainstream critics not making great play of the TNG films feeling like TV episodes, that's likely down to them generally being a lot less familiar with what the shows like the fans are. If they were being harsh they'd sum up the events of Insurrection as inconsequential compared to the other films rather than "Like a filler episode of the show".

yes, it's common knowledge that the plot is similar to "the changeling," but my point was that's not used as a means to say that TMP is just like an overlong episode of TOS. When TMP is praised, it's often praised for being very cinematic, which just strikes me as funny, because it's obviously a TV episode plot stretched to two hours through special effects and filler.

And I agree about "Insurrection," it's probably the one Trek movie where it's hard to argue with the criticism that it doesn't feel like a movie, because you really COULD see it as a two-part episode from TNG's sixth or seventh season.
Curious... if you split Insurrection into two parts, where would the cliff-hang be?

Remember the halves need to be about equal length. Don't recall off the top of my head what's happening at the mid-point of the movie's time.

I would think the first part would be the "mystery" part, culminating with the discovery of the holoship and Picard's confrontation with Dougherty. Or maybe with Picard removing his rank insignia? The second part would be the action part with moving the Baku and stuff.
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