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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Re: Was Resurrection Man good?
I thought it was. I liked how with this setup there is an implication that there is something special about Mitch's soul. That both sides are interested in obtaining it for some reason. My conclusion is perhaps other 'sides' could come into play. I think the book is ripe for a Zauriel appearance, a character I like, with the Heaven/Hell angle in play. Perhaps a Blue Devil appearnce as well, that would make the Shadowpact fan in my very happy. Hopefully some of the other board members will respond as well. I don't recall there being many comments on it when it came out two weeks ago for whatever reason.

I'm also going to get Justice League Dark. More out of curiosity. I did get the first 12 issues of Zatanna's last series so I have that as a draw also. Again, the Shadowpact fan in me wants to sample it cause JLD sounds like what they are giving us vs a Shadowpact #1.
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