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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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Dr. Crusher..... Dr. Crusher... er, um...

Hit a guy with a pot...?
Oh, come on, she did way more than that. In one movie, she complained about an EMH, and in another, Data threw her into the water.

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I've never seen this "TNG movies feel like overlong episodes" criticism from professional critics, so I suspect it's a Trek fandom meme.
It's a little more than that--the Washington Post said that "Structurally, [Generations] is an episode of the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation," and the New York Times called Insurrection "little more than a glorified television episode." The San Francisco Chronicle says that Nemesis "might have made for a novelty episode of the TV series." That's just a superficial search, so I suspect there are a lot more references like that out there.

OK, looking back over some of the reviews, I do see it here and there, so it is out there. But I still didn't see it as a common theme from a quick survey of my own, just mentioned in a few reviews.

However, it's not really explained what it means. I know nothing about film technique, so is it a reference to that? It doesn't make sense as a reference to story or special effects that I can tell.

I mean, TMP, which literally DOES have a TOS episode plot for its premise, is one of the few Trek films that almost never gets the "TV episode feel to it" criticism, so that particular knock strikes me as arbitrary, a way of saying you didn't like it without really explaining why.

(If you said, "Generations is a mess, plot-wise and thematically," OK, that's a criticism. But saying "it feels like an overlong episode?" What does that mean? Not to mention I can't see how anything even REMOTELY similar to GEN could be pulled off as a two-part TV episode)
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