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Re: Luna Class Number of Decks

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Does a series bible exist for all book series or is Star Trek: Titan a unique case?
I'm aware of bibles for Titan and Vanguard; the latter is a lot like a TV series bible because it was largely written by David Mack, who has TV experience. I imagine that bibles are needed mainly for multi-author original series, since their purpose is to give incoming writers information about the basics of the series.

I presume that it is updated after each episode in the book series. Is that correct?
Well, I haven't gotten any updates since the original one, so I don't know.

Do have every Star Trek book published by Pocket Books or are there times you need to consult a resource like Memory Alpha or Memory Beta?
I don't have room to have all of them, but I can request any I need from the editor, and yes, the Memory sites are often useful.
Hi Chris

From some of your recent posts it seems there is less of an overall arc to the novels (or at least more freedom for the authors) than I was expecting.

Can you give an overview of how the larger process works ? With, for instance, the Typhon Pact, is there a specific plan or destination ? Is there a central document for where the Trek universe is going, a timescale (real and in Trek universe) for when things happen, and who exactly makes these decisions ?

It looks as if it may be a more organic process than I thought, with the various authors coming up with stuff and relying on their own reading of their colleagues work to stay in a coherent (or at least non-contradictory) world.

Even if that is the case, you must be (?) all generally working towards the start of the JJ movie. How does it all hang together ?
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