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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

Well I get the impression Klaus is impressed with parts of Stefan's history...which I am sure we will be exposed to soon enough. After last season we were left with the impression Klaus was a BAMF....but this may not be the case...Elijah seems more verse in retrospect than Klaus...I am speculating of course but Klaus didn't get what he was after based on this ep. I like Caroline and I honestly thought Tyler was a nothing character...but they have given him something each step of the way...but I don't think a tragic Vamp/Wolf love will overshadow Human/Vampire hopefully they won't give Caroline and Tyler too much to overshadow Elena-Stefan-Damon.

I could care less about Jeremy and ghost girlfriends...hope no zombies come into play.

[edit] CW Vampire Diaries 18-49 Rating/Sh 1.2/3 Viewers (Millions) 2.49

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