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TOS Nacelles

I was watching By Any Other Name today and noted an interesting line by Scotty.

"I have opened the control valves to the matter/antimatter nacelles"...

I relistened to it 6 times, because the subtitles say "cells". But he is specifically saying "nacelles".

Now we've heard that the nacelles were supposed to be the actual engines for the ship, and the power source. Though it has never been substantiated fully in cannon.

I recall an episode were someone suggested jettisoning the power pods. Now this may not have been referring to the warp nacelles, but if it was, there's more evidence to suggest that the nacelles of this time period (or at least on This type of ship) housed the matter antimatter reactors.

And this makes sense since The nacelles were so far away from the ship due to how dangerous they were supposed to be.

Engineering in the secondary and primary hulls are obviously places to control were this energy goes/ stored, but it's not where it's created.

So what I'm wondering, is who here is in the camp where the nacelles are not only part of the warp drive, but contain the volitile matter/antimatter reactors to power this huge and powerful ship? And what other lines from TOS substantiate this possibility?

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