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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

I have to agree with the consensus that the TNG films, with the notable exception of First Contact, just felt like extended television episodes. All of them, including First Contact, suffered - IMHO - from being poorly written and edited. The only one of the films that seemed well directed (as in by a Director, not plot direction) was, again, First Contact. For all of my dislike of TWOK, it was well written and generally well directed; where it fell apart for me was in post production (the ship to ship combat was not believable to me, despite the excellent model work). TSFS also had some sfx issues and was more sloppily written, but still better than any of TNG. The only TOS film that, to me, was worse than any of TNG films was TVH. Lordy, but I do despise that sanctimonious piece of ham handed fluff!
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