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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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Okey Dokey.
I'm glad you're contributing so much to the thread by apparently enjoying my signature, but did you have any replies to my POST, perchance?
Your signature shows just how biased you are against TOS, so in a way it is a reply to your post.
Everyone is biased in one way or another. So he doesn't care for TOS, or for most of the TOS movies. I fail to see how that makes his opinion somehow less valid.
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The TOS movies felt like movies. It's not so much a matter of special effects or sets as it is about pace and scale.

The TNG movies felt like a TV show. I keep expecting a fade-out to a commercial.
I only felt this way about INS, personally.
Also they were too kid friendly, as the sequel shows were way too often.
How were the TNG movies "kid friendly", exactly?
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I grew up on TNG. I was familiar with Picard and Co. before I knew Kirk, Spock, and Bones.

But I am of the opinion that the TNG films are shite. I doubt just one factor contributed to it, but I guess the direction Trek was headed on TV at the time definitley had a hand in this.

I'm of the opinion that Berman-era Trek was rooted too deeply in paying homage to past Trek, and adhering to stringent storytelling conventions that strictly structurally defined what Star Trek was. Which more often than not, was boring.
I agree with what you are saying about the problems with Berman-era Trek. That is, I agree with your assesment of what, in general, those problems were, but for me, they didn't have AS much of an impact on my enjoyment of the movies. It very much applies to VOY, however, and even more so to ENT.

All of that said, I don't think either the TOS or TNG movies have an edge against the other, personally. At their absolute BEST, I feel the movies couldn't touch the very best that the Trek TV shows had to offer in terms of depth. The better ones were fun movies, sure, but that's it. TMP was the only one out of all eleven films that tries to be more than an action movie (and it fails for being just a bad movie, but at least it aimed for some high-concept sci-fi instead of a villain-based action piece). TVH, of course, is also not "villain based action", but it's a comedic romp, and while it's lots of fun, it's hardly deep or impactful beyond that. I will say that several of the movies do a good job with character development, specifically. But in the end, the core of almost every Trek film is "beat bad guy, stop threat, save day."

My favorites overall are TUC and FC, and even then, I think both of those are "very good", but not "great." TVH, GEN, and STXI slot in next, at "good" (and GEN does get a special mention for being, IMO, the single Trek film with the best cinematography and most grand feel). Most of the rest I generally don't think too highly of, topping out at "okay" or "heavily flawed with some redeeming qualities here and there." The exception is TFF, which just sucks.

So in the end, my answer to the OP would be: they aren't. But they aren't especially worse on the whole, either.
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