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Re: "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Updates

I don't really understand the dire need for Darabont? The Walking Dead is a series that's already been scripted and story boarded through Robert Kirkman and Image Comics; all the show needs is an Exec who will format it for television and otherwise get out of the way.

Darabont is not content with the Eisner award winning story as it stands; he seems to have been obsessed with making sure his mark is on it as Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead (something Frank seems to have succeeded with in some people's eyes - they don't even seem to mention Kirkman).

The Walking Dead is not on television because of Frank Darabont. Frank Darabont created nothing here; but he's tried to monkey with it enough to make you think he was necessary.

The bigger concern here is how much AMC will screw with things by slashing the production budget. If the production doesn't have the money to properly adapt the locations, FX, etc; then it's a problem. I would much rather jettison Darabont's salary if it meant keeping the adaptation on track.
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