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Re: How is Janeway sexy?

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I am now thinking of a burned pot roast wearing The Bun while lost on Deck 15.

Why does Possum get a whole ocean? *mutter*

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She's smart as hell and she has an awesome moral center. I'd love to hang out with her.
Amen. Welcome to the thread, friend. *proffers gin rickey*

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Got to catch up...

She gets an OCEAN because YOU are the one trying to stir up trouble among her predatory instincts.

I'm just surprised you didn't suggest we remove the jelly cupboard and replace it with a selection of fine horseradishes, to compliment the POT ROAST.

Ditto to the shout out to the missing Australian.

Ditto to the bad hair manip revulsion.

T.D. Possum wrote:
It's OK. Janeway is still sexy.
Teacake wrote:

Ditto to OMG! Tis QFT!!!!!

You know, we are less than 200 posts from this thread shutting down.

Here's hoping King Daniel has something already prepared and ready to pounce, or he'll lose his opportunity like a nonattentive ebay bidder.

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