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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

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The new Abbram's Trek was a hit because of what I said earlier, unfortunately it seems that's what viewers want. I personally want a movie or TV show that has intelligence, good technical conversations, debates or morality, problems dealing with other races ethics, etc. I do enjoy the occasional explosion, action, etc but when a movie is based solely on that it washes the Trek feel away.

I think continuing on the continuity of the prime universe would be fine. Basing the series on the Romulan's, maybe the Iconions or at least their technology or at least their technology.

I don't have Showtime or HBO but I have read a lot of their TV shows, and it seems like because they are aired on those stations its required to have sex scenes, profanity and a lot of gore- is that how we really want Star Trek to be portrayed? Just look at how Stargate SG-1 started out, with a nude scene, albiet not a gratuitous one but a nude scene that doesn't really fit in with the show.
Going back to the prime-universe would be a mistake. Star Trek XI was successful because it was fun; pure and simple and it appealed to my generation. We may not be as all knowing as older generations but theres nothing I can do about that.

What I meant about Dexter and The Walking Dead? Those shows are written for adults. They have well written characters and everything that happens on those shows happens for a reason. They are tightly written and are, gasp, HIP with all kinds of people. TREK needs to expand from the typical Star Trek fanbase if it wants to survive.

Trek XI did that. Nemesis did not. Enterprise did not.
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