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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

Okay, over the course of the last couple days, due to a nasty cold and being stuck on the couch, I have finished watching Farscape. Obviously......

*SPOILERS AHOY!!!!!!!!!!*

I guess I'll start with thoughts on season 3. overall, probably my least favorite season. The Clone Saga was just too much for me. it was very obvious Crichton v2.0 would kick the bucket and as such, his sacrifice lost a lot of oomf. the stories told with v2.0 were decent, the end of that arc just fell flat which hurt the whole thing.

the end of season 3/beginning of s4 confused the bejeebus out of me, but i think i finally was able to comprehend what was happening. BTW, the crew did pick up Noranti during the evac of Scorpius' ship, right? I was bummed to see Crais and Talyn bite it so quick. I dug those two a lot and while I like how they went out sacrificing themselves, I really wished they would have made it to the end and bit the bullet then... and speaking of Talyn, both he and Moya are probably my favorite ships in a scifi show. Both were truly characters... MUCH more so than the Enterprise was in ST in my eyes. They weren't just characters, they were characters with a lot of depth. That's never happened in any scifi show i've ever watched.

season 4 i think was better than 3. Eventually during this season, I came to... tolerate, I suppose... Chiana. The new dame, Sikozu, I thought was an interesting character... and it certainly didn't hurt that she's bangin as all hell Noranti was also a fun character. all the different potions and "powders" she came up with were great. in the end, I liked her more than Zhaan in the herbalist role. I LOVED the episode "Kansas". when i first saw a time travel ep, my thought was "oh Jesus H Christ no....", as I despise time travel stories outside of Back to the Future and Bill&Ted. this one, though, was fantastic. Rygel going all Cornholio with a sugar rush was a frickin trip. Kit Kats!!!!!!!! Aeryn watching Sesame St and doing ABCs, Chiana partying out, Rygel stealing trick or treaters candy.... loved it.

The Peacekeeper Wars wrapped up pretty much everything fairly nicely. D'Argo going out in a blaze of glory was fitting, but I was definitely bummed to see it happen. He was one of those characters I didn't realize i liked so much until he died... and the entire ending with Crichton and Aeryn naming the baby after him almost had me balling. Hey, what was up with Pilot's voice in these eps? it didn't sound like Pilot from s1-4 at all. new voice actor I guess?

some random thoughts...

Harvey was great. Nosferatu Harvey, beach trunks Harvey, 70s cop Harvey... awesome.

while the actual stories of most stand alone eps were bleh imo, they still ended up be a ton of fun because of the actors. this may be my favorite cast of any scifi show.

Fanastic use of Muppets, especially Rygel and Pilot as I've brought up before.

Scorpius.... overused. face turn was too repetitive after the same thing happened with Aeryn & Crais. don't get me wrong, a great character, well acted, interesting... but we reached the saturation point with him at some point in season 3.

oh, i just remembered. how the hell did no one on the Scarran outpost know who Scorpius, or for that matter, ANY of the Moya crew were? They were all public enemy #1, yet no one recognizes them? one thing this show excelled at was plot holes... such as... Scorpius being a Scarran double agent for 10 years which we learn when he's being interogated at the end of season4... this got completely swept under the carpet in TPW with a dinky throwaway line. fortunately, while there were a ton of moments, they didn't have too much of a negative impact on the story.

Overall, I currently rank Farscape #3 on my list of fav scifi shows, tied with Ghost in the Shell: SAC, but behind B5 (1) and DS9 (2). That said, I think it absolutely craps on the rest of the ST shows, Firefly and the dreadful nuBSG. Farscape is FUCKING AWESOME. I can't wait to do another run of it. I would like to thank everyone on this message board who keeps posting threads on it, otherwise, i never would have watched.
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