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Re: Hawaii 5-0: The Second Season Begins!

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Both of these really caught me by surprise -- both the revelation that Hesse stabbed McGarrett to help him escape, and that Jenna is working with Wo Fat. I remember last season when they introduced Larisa Oleynik, the idea was that she might become a main cast member in Season 2, and I was surprised to hear that it was Masi Oka who was getting added to the opening credits instead. I wonder if this was always in the works or not? I guess if you make the audience think she's going to become a permanent new character, it eliminates from their mind the chance that she's either dead meat or a villain.
I wonder if fan reaction to the character played a part in that at all. I know a lot of people didn't like her. I did--I thought she was kind of quirky and funny and added a different vibe. Everyone else is so smooth and hot and polished, and she was this kind of dorky, out of her element character. Which is probably part of why I totally didn't see it coming.

This, however, did disappoint me. I liked where the Danny/Rachel storyline was going in the last couple episodes, and the resolution was a total cop-out (no pun intended).
LOL, yeah, it was definitely a cop out. I was on the fence about this one. I wasn't a fan of turning Danny and Rachel into cheaters and the cavalier way they handled the situation with regards to their daughter. I mean, that poor kid. But I liked Rachel, and I think if they had stretched it out more over multiple seasons, it would have been much better. It felt like they were at some point going to get back together, and I think the show could have built to that. Maybe that's a cliche, but the way they handled it --with Rachel going back to her husband and us only getting a few lines of dialogue about it--wasn't really better.

This was a really good season premiere, though. I'm definitely looking forward to next week.
Me too!!
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