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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I liked Xander fine but always questioned why he was there. I was never a huge Buffy fan (ex was), but I understand this was something of a running joke.

One of the things I'm curious about is that the Mikes said Supergirl would have a supporting cast. I sort of think that's a mistake, but nothing to be done about it; you need people for the talking.

The problem here is that--and I'll have to read it to know for sure--Clark doesn't seem to have a supporting cast. So the obvious support structure for his cousin is entirely missing. I guess Lana Lang could be in it, but that always struck me as sort of odd--"Hey, girl I fooled around with in high school, how would you like to be a mother/older sister figure to my weird alien cousin?"

It is rather specific, but of course just about everything that distinguishes women from men in the way we present ourselves is a matter of culture and there's no reason that any of it should be replicated even on a world where the folks look completely human. Kara wears her hair long; Kara wears a skirt; Kara colors her nails. It's all just conventionalization to make the character attractively "feminine" to the average reader, in the same way that Superman is big and ripped despite not having been physically challenged by gravity since he was a kid.
I know. It sucks. It should have some sort of context and character rationale, though. Black Canary wears makeup? Fine. Wonder Woman? Pushing it. Alien? Bizarre. But in comics women wear makeup when they sleep, when they wear masks, when they've just been shot to a strange new world across the fathomless depths space...

'Course, I find it bizarre as hell in Star Trek too. It's just off-putting to me. Women still look different (and attractive women still look attractive, if that's important) without makeup. It's pandering, I guess.

Fun fact: Evey Hammond didn't wear makeup for the largest part of V For Vendetta. It's considered a seminal work, and has sold jillions of copies. Just saying.

ETA: It also helps that I'm probably permanently stuck in a Byrne Krypton mindset, where no one fucks, and thus has no use for sexualizing themselves (but who knows? those overcomplicated headdresses might be like clear plastic heels on Krypton). An affirmatively asexual protagonist? Well, I find the concept interesting.

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