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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Yeah, that would make sense. I assume that's how they explained Kara actually growing up in some sort of simulation of Krypton after it went BOOM?

What Kara needs next is to meet up with Willow and Giles and Cordelia. Xander is optional; he annoyed me.

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Oh, and the painted nails are still bothering me. That's lazy. Kryptonians wear gloves anyway. John Byrne said so.
It is rather specific, but of course just about everything that distinguishes women from men in the way we present ourselves is a matter of culture and there's no reason that any of it should be replicated even on a world where the folks look completely human. Kara wears her hair long; Kara wears a skirt; Kara colors her nails. It's all just conventionalization to make the character attractively "feminine" to the average reader, in the same way that Superman is big and ripped despite not having been physically challenged by gravity since he was a kid.
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