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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

It depends on the continuity for Zor-El. His earliest appearances had him as a "scientist," like his bro, which of course at the time meant "capable of doing any damn thing the plot required, and lots of stuff that it didn't."

I think in the newer stuff he was an artist. Which I thought was a cool idea, in that it was a counterpoint to Jor-El being a scientist, although 1)they put him in the ugliest super-person related costume ever (including, including, 90s Superboy and Electric Superman which I actually liked but anyway) and 2)the stories involving him were fucked up beyond all recognition. Oh, until he came back. Then he was fine. Then he died again when Reactron or possibly Metallo shot him while making jokes about raping Supergirl.

Hey, that's something else good about this: none of the antagonists suggest raping Kara! One of them does call her "honey" which is dismissive and sort of a weird thing to say, and would ring truer from 11Bs than the hardened killdozers these men (and maybe also women) must be to be entrusted with highly advanced Roman numeral suits, but at least they don't talk about having sex with her beaten-unconscious body, which happened a lot back in the old universe because where would a a mid-oughties superhero comic be without implied or actual rape?

Nowhere, that's where.

Oh, and the painted nails are still bothering me. That's lazy. Kryptonians wear gloves anyway. John Byrne said so.

Anyway, my guess is that Zor-El's still an artist, one that deals in the creation of virtual reality experiences. This is a fine idea. I know, because when I was brainstorming "How would I reboot Supergirl?" that's what I came up with. Except my version had more talking. Lots and lots more talking because that's what makes superhero comics great; the talking. Also, Brainiac. Brainiac makes superhero comics great, so he'd be there and very square.

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