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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I also have to say that I appreciate the restraint of the Supergirl writers in not injecting some made-up Kryptonian "hip teen" slang into Kara's first-person - writers so often try to be clever that way, and it always fails.
If they manage to not fall into the trap of writing Supergirl as a human adolescent, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Of course, the fact that it's untrue to the character's circumstance is only half the problem; the other is that adults trying to write kids usually comes off as the phoniest thing in the world.
Well, she'll have to be human in her emotional reactions in order for people to identify. But yeah, it's hard enough for writers to get kids right without trying to fabricate a parallel "teen culture". Now watch them introduce some analogue to texting and Facebook when they flash back to Kara's life on Krypton - I mean, that's what kids do, right?

BTW, look at the inset panel on page 12 - what's with Kara's hands? She didn't hurt herself by punching the mecha guy into the next I wrong in interpreting those red streaks on her hands as the guy's blood?
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