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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Dennis wrote:
If the three panels following Batman's appearance on the scene were three panels added to the end of Supergirl #1 the bluenoses would have something to really squeal about.
Well, Superman does show up at the end. Time to get repopulatin'!
Exactly. I saw the end sequence from Catwoman, beginning with Bats' reveal, and then read Supergirl - got to Supes' reveal and just cracked up at the juxtaposition.

Actually, in the sex and violence vein, I sorta thought she should've manslaughtered one of the mecha guys. That would've been ballsy as hell, by which I mean it's not necessarily a very good idea, but I could give credit for taking risks.
I'll have to look at the book again, but I took the impression from the dialogue exchange between two of the mechas that SG may have critically damaged if not killed one or more of their compatriots. Big mecha guy is real anxious to use a cannon on her in that "she's a cop-killer" kinda way.

"Don't shoot! She's just a kid."

"Tell that to the rest of our squad."

P.S. why is anyone surprised/angry that Catwoman's having sex with Batman? Hasn't that happened like twenty or thirty times before? I thought they were established fuckbuddies.
Oh, it's the usual "It's so much more dramatic/artistic/effective if it's left to the imagination instead of showing it." Sort of like they're saying "I've got nothing against sex. Some of my best friends have sex. Or so they say."
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