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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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DD+D (I made that up myself)
The alternative formulation would be 3D, and no one wants that.
It beats AD+D.

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Yeah, I'm almost certainly buying way more than I would have without the same day digital. Of course, a lot of these are going to be one and done affairs. I'm giving the books that I might have an interest in a shot. Some I'll keep reading, some I won't. My only gripe with the digital comics is that I really wish we were able to download the comics to keep on a hard drive. That way, I can still read my books even if my internet is down (which reading comic books has always been one of my primary "no internet" activities.)
Or if ComiXology went kaput businesswise, or there were an asteroid strike or supervolcano or something. Cloud computing: all eggs in one basket. Although maybe I misunderstand it fundamentally.

Dennis wrote:
If the three panels following Batman's appearance on the scene were three panels added to the end of Supergirl #1 the bluenoses would have something to really squeal about.
Well, Superman does show up at the end. Time to get repopulatin'!

Actually, in the sex and violence vein, I sorta thought she should've manslaughtered one of the mecha guys. That would've been ballsy as hell, by which I mean it's not necessarily a very good idea, but I could give credit for taking risks. And there's not enough quasi-accidental killings in comics. There should be a lot more.

P.S. why is anyone surprised/angry that Catwoman's having sex with Batman? Hasn't that happened like twenty or thirty times before? I thought they were established fuckbuddies.

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