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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I've definitely bought more because of the digital day-and-date than I would have otherwise. Part of that is that a few of these books straight up fail the flip-test (Supergirl I'd have accidentally read in the store ), part is that, well, they're there and I don't have to look very hard for them, and part may well be that Internet purchases feel less real than physical ones, even if they cost basically the same amount (less gasoline, I suppose).
I am definitely a fan of the DD+D (which sounds less nerdily pornographic than "same day digital release"). But for the reduced price I am willing to wait four weeks and am just buying one or two books a week for this first month.

I think there are enough interesting books to keep my attention, and there have been some very good ones. But this relaunch has also got me into other company's books like Walking Dead and Invincible rather than waiting for the trades.

I agree with your critique of the reader. I wish that you could buy the books in a way similar to the way you buy ebooks, but I am living with this version for the moment. The iPad reader is much better than the computer reader, just so you know.
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