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Re: Hawaii 5-0: The Second Season Begins!

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Did anyone else watch the season premiere last night? Spoilers ahead if you didn't...

I thought it was pretty good, though the whole video camera in the office exonerating McGarrett was a little convenient. I did like the twist with Hesse helping McGarrett, though I was sad to see him go at the end.

I was totally shocked to see that Jenna was helping Wo Fat! Did *not* see that one coming at all! I wonder when McGarrett will figure it out--I hope it's drawn out a bit and not wrapped up in the next episode or two. This could be good if they play it out.

I think Danny's whole dilemma was resolved a bit quickly, and I'm not a huge fan of how that whole thing was handled. His ex wants him back! She's pregnant! No wait-it's the other guy's, and she's going to give her marriage another shot. Huh?? Sometimes these procedural shows don't write women realistically, and this is one of those cases I think. But I'm glad Danno is staying where he belongs--with McGarrett.

All in all, I thought it was a good episode. I'm excited for season two!
I thought it was great. I thought it would have been cool if Terry's character would have been named Jack Lord!
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