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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Dennis wrote: View Post
Out of curiosity, what were the DC books you bought in July?
Fair enough.

But that's the thing, while they sparked my interest in the DCU as a whole, it's not like I didn't have an interest before--they just disarmed my discrimination. It's looking like it'll be back down to three or so in a couple of months. But maybe four or five, who knows?

And if you'll also be fair, I would've bought Batwoman back when it was originally solicited too. And I'd have been buying Superman if it hadn't been JMSed, and wouldn't have dropped Booster Gold if it hadn't been Jurgensed.

I'm not down on relaunch as a whole, though, and you're right; people seem to care a lot more, to be showing a lot more interest and willingness to part with their dollars. I guess they've succeeded, but it's a qualified success. I've been trying to point out their individual triumphs along with their individual failures. The only thing that gets me is that some of the failures seemed to be easily avoidable.

Hound of Ulster wrote:
Also Aquaman and Superman for next week.
Oh yeah. Alright, week 4 could be the strongest, potentially. I'm faintly curious about both of those. I expect them to sort of suck, but Geoff Johns has been surprising me lately, almost to the extent that I'm tempted to get back into Green Lantern. Only so long as the reports of an idiot man-child Hal Jordan are not exaggerated.

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