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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Out of curiosity, what were the DC books you bought in July?

This is a pretty massive, coordinated effort to remake the entire operation along business and creative lines that are very different from the past. It's a little bit amazing that it's actually been undertaken by people who have been with the company for a while now - almost as if Braga and Berman had gone in to the office in the third year of Enterprise and turned the show into something like the J.J. Abrams movie.

There's no question that a number of the 52 titles will be weak in sales, creativity or both and will tank early - they're doing so much, all at the same time. It looks as if they've expected that - it's not a failure of the model, it's an understood part of it. Every network and cable outlet on TV puts money into new shows every year knowing that some of them will flat-out bomb.

The trick for them will be staying on course month after month, identifying and disposing of failures without sentimentality or undue loyalty. This isn't going to be as cut-and-dried a process, I'd guess, as it is for ABC or CBS because the standards of measurement are probably not as well-defined - the network accountants can draw a curve months in advance based on what a show's costing them not only production-wise but in give-backs to sponsors and say "If we keep it on through January we'll be bleeding more money than we're willing to tolerate. It's gone."

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