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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Well, another week, another batch of okayish comics.

Blue Beetle. The word "cloying" was invented to describe this book. Still, it's okay. From the legendary new reader's perspective, that Random Green Lantern cameo is out of nowhere. I like the scene in the convertible, but if my favorite part of a comic is because a scene in a convertible vaguely reminds me of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, you've sort of failed; at the same time, everything is laid out very nicely and the book is structured beautifully, with that prologue which signals what one should "expect" to happen now that Jaime's been possessed with the scarab (except no one actually expects that because that's not how continuing series work).

Grade: B.

Captain Atom. Would you believe that I could conceivably call this my second favorite book of the week (at least that I read)? It feels uber-80s. And I liked it. It's sort of bad, but in a charming way. I liked Stephen Hawking. He's always a delight.


And J.T. Krul! Why were asleep during science class?

B... until I realized it was Solar except not nearly as good, then C. Solar, Man of the Atom #1 gets an A+.

Legion of Super-Heroes. Coming in on Part 2.3 X 10^12 of an ongoing story is always hard, but at least it was better than Legion Lost. Seriously, I have no idea what the fuck was happening in this book, but at least I knew whom it involved. Brainiac is in it. I love the last page where it was obvious Levitz thought he was writing page 19 and realized belatedly it was actually page 20.

Mark Waid, where are you?! We're sorry! New readers? LOSH doesn't need new readers. What are you, insane? It sells in the hundreds of copies. They'd do better reprinting volume 5 and calling it new.


Supergirl. This is fucking amateur hour. Or rather, amateur four minutes.

Okay, by no means is this bad in any positive sense: it's not stupid or truly insipid or anything. What it is, is inept, utterly inept--ungodly badly paced, devoid of any real conflict, and because of that also boring.

I'm gonna throw some more science at you: there is a page with five panels on it; this is the densest this book gets. The mean number of panels per page is 2.85. I think Rob Liefeld comics have a higher panel count than this.

Look, there is a time and place for an all-fighting, all-splashing issue of a comic book. Savage Dragon #7. Superman #75. That ridiculous Steranko stuff in Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. Hell, even Books of Magic pulled it off and all it had was continuity/scenery porn.

Supergirl fighting nameless, virtually faceless mechs in her first issue is not that time, and not that place.

"There's something wrong with the sun": Admiral Young accurately identified the only good moment in Supergirl. It would've been a lot better had it been on, say, page 3.

D+. The plus is for at least being pretty. But seriously, this is like passing by a guitar-playing beggar on your way to the Bon Jovi concert...

What? They're a good band, and they're consummate performers.

Wonder Woman. Hey, this was really good! It's like they hired someone who knew how to write a comic book, or something! It's still a little short (no one can escape the 20 page cage), but it sets up some stuff that seems like it will be interesting. My favorite part is when the horses are magically and nastily transformed into centaurs, although of course the centaurs themselves, like all centaurs, look kind of stupid.


Amount of money wasted this week: $9.

Admiral Young wrote:
Catwoman was fun and sexy which I expected
You know, it might be the best book to come out this week, but after that interview where Winnick said the word "sexy" fifty times in a row while breathing heavily and making shuffling noises, I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Instead I got Captain Atom! Why did I do that?

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