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WIP Concept Design

Hello people. Ive been lurking here for quite some time and admiring all the discussion going on. You have some good stuff going.

Now to the point. First off, I have no clue where this thread is supposed to be put, so Im making it here and hopefully a Mod can move it to where its actually supposed to go >.>

I am a scifi fan and, to some small degree, both engineer and artist having had many classes in both realms. This added to being brought up on TNG on as well as classics like Babylon5, SG1 on, and Firefly got me into the ship designing mood. Now I have tried this a few times to work out the bigger, stronger, badder most new people have; but that feeling never went entirely away. So I came up with a concept ship that goes something along the following. If this is the right place, I can add a pic or 3 later on.

What I need from this community is help.
I have come up with the major design, interior and exterior, but lack the modelling program/skills to make it look good. Failing that, an Okudagram or blueprints of some form would be nice... or at least a program to help me make them.

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