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Re: Mulgrew on Warehouse 13

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No Mulgrew last night, but apparently she'll be back for the two-hour season finale in a couple of weeks.
Well, at least they did mention her.

The moral of last night's story was... don't tip the foodtruck guy!

So... do you think Jinks is a turncoat, or a plant by Mrs. Fredericks?
Oh was she not? Was it worth watching it then? Cause I've only been watching it because of her haha
Kass, I've been enjoying the show, even the ones KM doesn't feature in.

J'Rulz, until you mentioned it, I thought Jinks was a turncoat...but didn't want to believe it of him. I haven't watched enough of the series to get the measure of Mrs. Fredericks, so I hadn't considered her involvement. I need to go back and watch the rest of the series.
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