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^ I was so absorbed in the show that I pretty much never thought about Hall's cancer or him being married to his TV sister.

Anyway, I read the season 5 thread and it looks like a lot of people had high expectations that didn't pan out, from Quinn becoming the next Doakes to Deb finding out about Dexter. Some interesting speculation and commentary there.

As for Deb and her never suspecting anything, I don't find it odd that she hasn't caught on as an adult, but I have wondered why she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary when she and Dexter were growing up.

- Another season 5 point... I thought that Dexter throwing the computer into the water near the van was a dumb move.

- Another general point... Geoff Pierson: I used to get him mixed up with James Remar, so I get a kick out of both of them being on the show.
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