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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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For what its worth, I like Superman III. No, it isn't a good movie, but it suffers from the goofy comedy bits that really don't work that well. The plot is kinda neat and I really like the "evil Superman". Also, the junkyard fight is fantastic. I guess the film is just a lot of lost potential.

Superman IV, on the other hand, is terrible all around. Its like they were not even trying. I'm surprised people like it better than III. If Superman IV did anything good, it was that it led to Margot Kidder's hilarious interview on Letterman where she subtly badmouthed the film.
Superman IV had crappy effects, and a silly plot overall. It makes me wonder though, Superman I and II had IMO effects that compare well even today. The junkyard fight was good, but it made me laugh both Clark Kent and evil Superman thought any of the things they used to hurt each other actually would. The only thing would be Kryptonite, but even then that is harmful to both of them.
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