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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

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Sulu's a furry. In one of DC comics' old post-STIV adventures he totally gets it on with M'Ress.
It was actually rather one-sided, with M'ress doing the purr-suing:

M'ress and Sulu at Konom's wedding by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

During the controversial contractual renewal hiatus, M'ress was redrawn as the rather, umm, "horny" M'yra - and she tried to win over Sulu, but she had competition from an Asian crewwoman, Kathy Li.
I have that comic, flipped through it yesterday, Sulu being very shy and reluctant around M'ress until a life threatening situation nearly kills her, to which he saves her, finally opens up and they have a passionate kiss. They're together the rest of the comic. So he was slow at returning her affection at first, he soon caught up
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