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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

Kinda like my story with Two and Half Men I haven't really watched HIMYM regularly until Fox started airing it in syndication last fall, so I may not be totally familiar with the more recent plots but I know a bit about the characters.

I was a little suspicious when Lily said 'the bride needs you' because I doubt Nora would want to talk with Ted, unlike Robin. Perhaps I was a little too distracted during the first episode or I missed something obvious...but was Barney's wedding a flash-forward that they may follow up with later and Punchy's wedding was the 'current' time? The second episode didn't seem to follow the first one unless that was the case. There does seem to be a pretty good case for Barney's bride being Robin and this other girl is a red herring. I'm not sure what to make of Victoria's return, although it could make things complicated with Robin and Ted as well (wasn't he dating Victoria when Robin finally decided to give him a chance?). Also...why is Robin can break up with Ted and not have lingering feelings for him, while the break up between her and Barney was even worst yet she still has lingering feelings? She'd be better off with Ted, although we know she's not 'the mother' since she's been referred to as Aunt Robin by old Ted for a while now.

Anyway, if it weren't for the time slot conflict with House I'd definitely watch this show on a regular basis. Oh well.
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