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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

83. Fright Night: A-
84. Cold Comfort Farm: D
85. Machete: C-
86. The Queen: A
87. Public Enemies: B+

The Queen - good movie. Didn't really know the particulars of the movie, just that Helen Mirren played Elizabeth II in a modern story of Her Majesty. When my friend asked me if I cared to watch it I had no objection. I admit once it got going and was about how she and the other Royal's handled Di's death it became more interesting.

Public Enemies - really enjoyed this. My only marks from keeping it out of 'A' range were it did feel every bit as long as it's 2hr 20min. Surely some trimming could've occured. Johnny Depp playing a character straight up is something I enjoy, aka Tourist. Too bad he and Burton don't think so for Barnabus Collins for Dark Shadows. I fear they are frelling that up and it has lots of potential.
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