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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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It also depends upon what equipment you use. There is a small but important difference if you use devices. I use a Roku box for my Netflix streaming, which has a different API than the PC, which has a different API than the XBOX 360 and so on.
I did forget to mention this. I've tried XBox 360; PS3 and even Wii. I also briefly had a Roku HD until I sold the thing after I saw how crappy Netflix looked.

If you're having trouble on all of your devices, then it's likely your provider isn't giving you enough throughput to keep a stable, higher end connection. That would likely be with the CO.
So pretty much screwed then, and nobody is going to fix that. Even my local cable company is crap; it's a local monopoly, so they don't dump money into upgrading anything. The HD package currently consists of about 30 channels. We get HBO HD, Showtime HD and TMC HD; but no MAX HD or STARZ HD (even though you can pay for the standard def versions).

It is true, though, that streaming is the future...
Then the future looks pretty damn bleak from where I'm sitting.
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