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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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I really don't understand the appeal of streaming on Netflix? I've tried watching some of their content; it looks like low res crap, and it's constantly jerking and stopping as it needs time to load. I've got AT&T DSL (highest speed offered), so I don't think that's the problem. I've also tried watching on my iPad using Wi-Fi outside of my home and 3G; same low res junk that jerks and stops. I even tried my iPhone thinking about the old convention that smaller screens improve resolution; it still looks like low res crap and doesn't load.

I've watched streaming on other sites like Hulu; it looks good there and works very well on loading (I don't remember Hulu ever jerking or stopping).

gh4chiefs wrote: View Post
I still say streaming is going to run afoul of the move by ISPs to cap bandwidth at some point and then where will the "streamers" be?
This is the other big problem out there. For instance, AT&T caps at 2 GB on iPad 3G for $25.00; and that seems to only give me four to five hours of streaming capability a month. Given that I'm not around WiFi for significant amounts of time, this a BIG problem for me with streaming. If it were decent quality, I could end up watching as much as 30 hours of streaming over 3G each month, and there's no way I want to pay AT&T $175 a month for that.

Anyway, I had stayed with Netflix for just the DVD / Bluray service mostly because I've rated close to 5,000 movies, and the suggestions system is pretty good for me as a result. I guess now that I'll start looking at something else because "Qwikster" is obviously set up to fail, but the options are probably going to be relegated to RedBox given that Blockbuster is on its last legs.
It may be your area's CO. It may be equipment, it could be anything, but it's probably not Netflix. I watch HD movies that look almost as good as blu-ray, without a single instance of stopping and starting. I have Roadrunner now, but when I had AT&T DSL, I could still do the same thing.

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