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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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the new Captain is a stereotypical bitchy-female-in-charge type
Beyond that, she's channeling every sterotypical asshole Police Captain from every cop show and movie from the 70s and 80s. I can't stand her character at all.

Castle's daughter has a whole new bitchy-disrespectful-teenager personality!
I'll give her a little latitude on this one. She was almost too goody-goody before, so maybe she's starting to see life in a different way. I know I'd change a bit if I was standing mere feet from someone I cared about get shot during a funeral for someone else I liked.

I was great to see Dorn. Seeing his name in the credits I forgot all about him until he showed up at the end. A while ago Fillion said in an interview (maybe Kevin Pollack's Chat Show or Nerdist) that he pitched a story about a sci-fi convention and the star of a long since cancelled show gets murdered and all of his fellow cast mates are suspects. He wanted to essentially have a Firefly reunion, and since Tim Minear is an EP on the show, and they aren't shy about throwing in some Firefly nodds... I don't know if that'll ever get made, but I would love to see that.
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