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Re: Netflix shoots itself in the foot... aka no more free streaming

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I don't think they've done themselves any favors by breaking these two components into separate websites. If they're going to push me to a new website for my DVD queue, maybe it's time to take another look at Blockbuster's service.

Well let's see here, One DVD at a time Blockbuster $10, Netflix $8
Two out at a time, Blockbuster $15, Netflix $12. Yup, boy those Netflix guys are really screwing everyone, I can't wait for everyone to join Blockbuster so they can pay more.
I was actually fine with the raise in price. I was going to keep both the streaming (which I really like... lots of shows, documentaries and movies) and the 1 disc at a time. 15 bucks. good deal.

However, it's this splitting up into 2 websites that I think it is obnoxious. "Let's turn something that was convenient and actually a deal into something LESS convenient. They'll LOVE US!" that's what I don't get.
Same here. I was fine with it, as it was still a reasonable value imo. This splitting it up though is what irks me.
It's like someone said, "Hey, you know what we didn't piss off nearly enough people with just the price hike so....are you ready boss? Lets split the company into two parts!!!"

I don't know if all this juggling is the reason or if the connections reset but went to view a streaming movie last night and my connection had been severed. Don't know if Netflix themselves hit a massive reset button or if my BluRays connection glitched. Anyone else encounter this? If not it was likely just my system and only a coincidence with everthything else going on.
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