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Re: Is Four Seasons all We Can Handle?

I wish American networks would do more period dramas. Any period previous to 1950. I'm not really talking about the rich-people-in-fancy-clothes routine. That gets tiresome. Westerns seem to be making a comeback, but I'd like to see other milieus as well.

Speaking of documentaries, PBS is airing Ken Burns' Prohibition starting Oct 2.

And of course there's always Frontline and POV. I have my DVR set to ferret out anything new from them. Plus The Universe and Curiosity, if those count as documentaries, which I suppose they do, if they fit into any genre.
I think it is probably harder these days for episodic series to go on very long before getting old to viewers since those type of shows generally tend to just tell the same old chestnuts we've all seen a thousand times.
L&O: SVU is on season what, 13? Shows that have an episodic structure and a durable formula can go on for inordinant lengths. The shows that struggle with longevity are the serialized ones, because trying to plot out an ongoing story for 13 seasons would be a mind-boggling task and not doing it just means you either get repetitive or tangled up in your own canon, assuming any serialized show can survive that long in the first place.
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