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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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And when i heard that she dumped Dr. Motorcycle-Boy i first clapped and then absolutely knew that she heard him.. my inner shipper is content with the development
I rather liked the way they handled him. THey didn't give it much time, because it didn't need much. And Johs was not a jerk. He was understandably emotional doing what he could to save her until another surgeon could arrive. Granted, he didn't give up the scalpel easily... but again.... that made sense. And in a way he did call Castle out, rightly so.
It's not so much that i disliked Josh.. he seemed like a fine guy.. intelligent, good looking and decent but when you root for this other guy you just tend to not like the current bf

However this short scene in the hallway was more than we got the entire season other than him being used as a wrench to throw between their feet whenever it seemed they'd get too close to each other.. a bit of bad writing if you ask me. They could have used him a bit more but that chance has passed.. i'm just curious now when do they blow the whole thing.. another season with longing looks, almost moments and pining will kill me (and will definitely be bad writing.. they get a pass for this season opening because it was well done and believable but don't drag it out needlessly.. there's tons of fun and dramatic possibility within a Kate/Castle relationship).
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