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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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O, need advice, how to equip this sucker, best weapons, consoles ... I already have borg set now i need weapons and stuff. let me know what you think i should be getting, cheers.

My Pi cents:

I own the Assault Cruiser. It's a beautiful ship, but I don't use it. I use the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Refit instead. It allows my character's Tac BO to use the LCDR skill Dispersal Pattern Alpha (drops 10 mines out the tailpipe). Precede that with the Eject Warp Plasma to slow/stop enemies, you could take out a few without firing a shot.

I stick with one type of weapon. My main char uses Plasma exclusively, Plasma beams, torp, mines. (My other char uses Phasers/Photons.) I get a lot of mileage from Plasma against the Borg. I receive some criticism from other players but I'm the one left standing when the fighting is over.

All my weapons (ship or personal) have the CrtH attribute. Most have it 2 or 3 times. Some mix it with Acc or CrtD. All weapons X or higher. All weapons blue or purple.

My fore weapon build is Plasma Beam x 2, Dual Plasma Beam, Plasma Torp
Aft weapon build is Plasma Beam x 3, Plasma Mines

I have the universal Borg console and the Aegis set. You may want to consider one or two Aegis pieces. STOked had an episode on mixing the Borg and Aegis equipment.

I also use the Red Matter Capacitor and Weapons Batteries, plus Emergency Power to Weapons to keep the beams at high power.

Double consoles don't stack well. You'll only see a small increase. Recommend that you put something to boost torps. You currently have three torps. The cooldown period is going to get you killed. Perhaps just have one fore and one aft.

I normally have two hull enhancements in the engineering slots. One for resistance against general damage and one against specific beam damage.

It looks like you're playing a Tac officer. Have you respec'd for the Assault Cruiser?

Hope this helps.

cheers, actually fitting on sov is just what I scavenged from m bank, as it was taking bank slots, so i've decided to put them somewhere useful, but wanted to find what;s the best mix for sov. What is your character nick in game?

and again thanx for your extensive and to the point reply, very informative and very precise, just what i asked.
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